Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Little Lesson on Movie Translation

Transformers:  Rise of the Fallen is playing on HBO again.

And while this goes on and on for a week, it has become clear to me that the epitome of cool alien robot design would be Ravage.  He's a one-eyed jaguar!  With rocket launcher and machine gun attachments at the hips!  What can possibly beat that???
Even in the Transformers animation series, Ravage has caught my eye (get it?  get it? :P).  He's the only Decepticon that doesn't talk.  The quiet, deadly type.  Matches my choice profile in men.  LOL!  But the movie translation and redesign turned out to be way cooler than the TV series' Ravage.  The movie Ravage is just... ravaging, for lack of a better word.  Svelte Sinister Supermodel comes to mind, too.

My alien robot coolness first choice would've been Starscream --after all, he has always been my first love from the very start of the Transformers franchise on the tube.  He has the attitude, the sneaky, underhanded persona.  This time, matching my profile of myself.  Ugh.  The cartoon Starscream wasn't exactly eye candy.  He looked just like a regular robot that has the obvious potential to transform into a jet fighter.  But the Starscream movie translation is just ...well, messed up.  Look at it!  It's Hellraiser sick!

Megatron matches this spiky, monochromatic monstrosity in design as well.  I know it's their alien form.  But Jesus, they had the power to replicate any form of machinery when they landed on the planet.  Couldn't they have done that first before aiming at world supremacy?!!

Anyhooo... rant over.  Movie translations will always have hits and misses.  Mostly misses, specially in the eyes of original TV series afficionados.  But Ravage ...that mother is pure movie translation win!

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