Friday, October 15, 2010

Light Saber Bubble Blowers

My husband buys my boys the weirdest toys. Presenting... light saber bubble blowers!
The shafts are made out of glow-in-the-dark plastic. The bubble wands are long with hoops that are huge. The result: BIG bubbles. And you know how size matters when it comes to bubble blowing.
When I got home from work and walked into my boys (husband included) in the middle of a rather action-packed game of extreme bubble-blowing, I just had to drop my bag and join in. Bubbles make people happy for some reason. It's the delicate lilting of these soapy spheres, I think, that gives people an ultimately light and relaxed feeling. Problems wash away. If you had a harrowing day, each bullshit you had to face pops just like the bubbles.
Plus, bubbles give me visions of warm, soothing bubble baths. Not that I ever had one. But I have a very rich imagination.

Anyway, my husband, being the smart shopper that he is, also looked into the sustainability of these new toys. When the bubble-making liquid runs out, you still have a pair of light saber toys --so the fun continues! Whee!!!

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