Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family Project Weekend

When you have kids as creative and as demanding as mine, you just have be creative and demanding yourself.  And you have to make sure you deliver.  The disappointment and frustration quotient runs high in these insatiable children.
That is why I devised something called Family Project Weekend.  A weekend of near madness for me --and an enjoyable escape into another world for my boys.  Here is when I come up with neat activities that allow the boys to 'create' something valuable out of scratch.  They enjoy that.  The concept of creation is something that really turns them on.  
So far, we've made Very Active Volcanoes out of Pancakes.
And recently, Cartoon Character Voodoo Dolls out of Socks.
Every weekend proves to be stress-filled as I think of next projects to do.  Kenji, becoming more and more opinionated, suggested that we should make the Omindroid this weekend.  Miro, forever prolific, extends the idea by saying that we should make Wall-E, too.  So next weekend will be a Robots out of...something weekend.  Obviously, I'm still mashing my brain deciding what materials to use.  But I invented the Family Project Weekend tradition, and so I shall find a way.  
"Jiiiiing.... heeeelp....!"

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