Saturday, October 5, 2013

Juicy Bits on Juicy Cologne

I love getting invited to launch events. Sitting among reputable folks of the press rocks my world. :P

But the Juicy Cologne Press Launch proved to be more than just a little ol' ego booster. It was a trippy trip to dreamland! And a sweet-smelling one at that.

The launch was an invitation to Get Juicy-fied with the fresh new scents of Juicy Cologne.  And with deliciously delightful names such as Icylicious, Orange Twist, Sprightly Sprinkle, Angel's Bliss, Sweet Delights, Dreamsicle, Up Up and Away, and Sugar Frosting --I knew this Juicy-fication session was guaranteed to be of the tutti-frutti frou-frou sort.
Oohhkaay... I have 3 brothers and 2 sons. I don't do the frou-frou thing!
I braced myself for impact.

And... there it was.

At the entrance, a brightly coloured long table of arts and crafts jewellery-making tools greeted guests.

Moving a little further, a candy kiosk drew us in.

If you managed to fight the urge to down every bit of Butterball in that kiosk, resistance is guaranteed futile with this heavenly cupcake tower just a few feet away.

Eventually,  after all these girly-girl distractions, we reached the stage. Where an extension of the cupcakes, rainbows, and unicorns theme run rampant in the backdrop. And hark! Is that an angel I see sitting in the cotton candy clouds? No, silly! It's Kathryn Bernardo --the new face and personality of Juicy Cologne.

Kathryn Bernardo with Juicy Cologne Brand Champions. Hi, Claire! :)
Bubbly and full of zest, this girl swept everyone off their feet with her wit and charm. She's perfect for Juicy. You see, each scent matches a certain kind of personality you want to play up for the day. Whether you're feeling sweet or sassy, goofy or geeky, romantic or even sporty. Multi-faceted, Kathryn carried that mix absolutely well.

When the event wrapped up, we were left with a good, warm, fuzzy feeling inside (yup, even me!), and a strong desire to shower in a light, refreshing drizzle of fruity flavours. *wink-wink* Thank goodness the organizers were mind readers. Oh look, a loot bag! With a neat, bright red baby tee to boot.

If you're young or young-at-heart, as long as you have the imagination to be what you want to be for the day, say it with a yummy whiff of a refreshing new scent. Sugar Frosting is highly recommended for my imaginary daughter! :P
Now go Get Juicy-fied!


  1. I Love Kathryn as your endorser for Juicy Cologne products. It fits her personality, wholesome and sweet.

  2. Juicy Cologne + Kathryn = perfect! Thank you, Juicy Cologne for choosing kath :D

  3. Thank you so much for featuring the handmade trinkets we made for Juicy Cologne's Press Launch. :)