Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lowdown on Nickelodeon Takotown

The Nickelodeon Halloween Event is like our holiday mecca. There are other Halloween parties we attend, but THIS is the big thing we look forward to. It's like Octoberfest. But with candies.

This year, Nickelodeon billed its event as TAKOTOWN, the Pinoy Halloween.
By Pinoy, this meant...

A creepy welcoming committee of demonyos, impaktas, tiyanaks, and aswangs perched at the gate --throwing bags and bags of candies at you. This was the bomb!

An array of game booths called Sari-sari store (which has you hitting targets on shelves using a slingshot --FUN!), Vulcanizing shop (which has you tossing balls through tire hoops), and Barberya (which has you donning bald dolls on barber chairs with wigs while blindfolded --how whacked is that?! Lol!)

And one of the hosts wearing a barong.

Other than those, this Nickelodeon fest is still what it's always been.

Long lines of fantabulously-costumed kids.

Hefty loads of sweets! We got a lot from Kinder Joy and Lipps --my boys' favourites!

And a dance number by --no, not Spongebob this time-- THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!!! Yes, they're there! You just can't see them much because... DOY! They're ninjas.

Now, the lowdown. While Takotown gave us better access to treats than last year's Fright Fest, Fright Fest was a lot more festive in feel and decor. Takotown's walls were a little bare for my Halloween taste. So I guess Nickelodeon's 2011 Planet Scream still rules our Nick list. See why here.

Don't get me wrong. We still had fun. But it could have been know, FUN-er. Here's hoping for a Planet Scream Repeat next year! Woohoo!!!

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