Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Well, THAT should've been the title! Why, you ask? Let me start you off with a fair warning. SPOILER ALERT.

In my opinion, Thor The Dark World is pretty much Loki's limelight. Here, he has finally lived up to his title as the God of Mischief. No longer the whiny troubled teenager he played last time, Loki now reveals to us where he got his power of illusions from, how genius a scheming mind he has, how pretty much a good sense of humor he has, how he can actually be a trusted ally in desperate times, and... how he CAN NOT really be a trusted ally in desperate times. He was awesome. Why, my children never rooted for a villain this hard!

Another character given due spotlight even for just a few minutes was Queen Frigga who was honored with a remarkable hand-to-hand fight scene. This moment reminded us that this fine picture of grace and royalty was actually a Lethal Weapon detective back in the old days. Jolly good show!

Oh. and Erik Selvig! The man has completely lost his marbles and has become so much more endearing.

Of course, there was still an elaborate evil plot in there somewhere. A new bad dude surfaced, and a new outlandish weapon is introduced.

A weapon which would have pushed Jane Foster's character to better depth, but didn't.

The progression of her love affair with Thor is cute though. It's natural. Not rushed like most film romance.

Oh, I haven't mentioned Thor, huh? That's because I still liken his acting skills to that of a slice of bread. But he does go topless for a few seconds and that in itself is worth the trip.

But the best part of the movie is the brotherly mechanics between Loki and Thor. You know how Asgardians take sibling rivalry way too far, right? Godly proportions? Well, prepare to laugh, gasp, and cry on this one. Loki really outdid himself here. (Yes, Loki again. Have I fangirled too much? Blame my kids. Loki happens to be their new hero. Lol!)

Overall, Loki The Dark --I mean, Thor The Dark World-- is brilliantly paced. The action keeps everyone at the edge of their seats, the script is cleverly written, the realms are fabulously designed, and it is a fun, fun ride from start to finish. Kids in the theater laughed a great deal. And that makes for a great, great, great Marvel movie in my book!

Catch Thor The Dark World in cinemas today. No, really. Your kids wouldn't want to miss this!

BIG TIP: Do not leave the movie house until all credits have rolled.

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