Monday, October 28, 2013

The Village Sports Club Halloweekend

I hyperblog every Halloween. That's because I hyperbook my boys to every event that catches my hungry-for-Halloween eye.

This year, the persistent hunger took us to the Village Sports Club's Halloweekend. Boy, it was fun! And the fun comes from the fact that this event was waaay too organized.

Once you enter the main hall, you're handed your own Trick or Treat bag (no need to lug those plastic pumpkins around), a Bingo-esque activity checklist, and a Trick or Treat map.

The checklist takes you to a bunch of fun game booths and pocket entertainment nooks like an arts and crafts corner and a tattoo parlour.

You're also treated to your choice of uber classy food or fun picnic food. 

And then the show rolled out. It started with the energetic Cherifer Boy dancing to Psy's Gentleman... I kid you not. There were stage games, a magic show, prizes for the kids, and a raffle for the parents.
Which eventually lead to...

A Village-wide Trick or Treat!
We followed the map and went on hoarding sweets, balloons, and toys from the Pool area, the Bowling area, the Gym, the Tennis Court, the Dance Studio... WHEW! This went on until night time. So you can imagine how much goodies we got and how sore our happy feet were. :P

So did we enjoy this day? Was it overloaded with fun? 
Pshaw! Is that even a question?

The Village Sports Club Halloweekend. An event that just made it into our Halloween staple. Thanks for having us and see you again next year!

*Some photo creds to Village Sports Club on Facebook. Like it!

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