Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Chew on Choooeys


Choooeys Baked Goodies is another one of my new comfort food discoveries. My children are real-life cookie monsters so this is perfect! I ordered the Choco Chip and the Choco Chip with Nutella (YES! Nutellaaah!!!) cookies, and they were shipped in nicely-sealed microwavable containers, as promised.

And they were GLORIOUS! Choooeys does take chewiness seriously. And the 'melts in your mouth' cliche --yup, it does happen here. Plus, it's rich but the level of sweetness is just right. There's no 'umay' factor --which might just make you eat more than planned. Haha! The dangers of awesome food.

One tiny setback. There were a bit of crumbs and broken Choco Chip pieces upon delivery (I'm looking at you, Mister Xend Guy!), but the quality of this manna from heaven can make you overlook that completely. Am I overselling this? Seriously, it is THAT good! And this family knows cookies. *side eyes little Cookie Monsters eating Choooeys while watching TV

The Nutella (YES! Nutellaaah!!!) version came intact. And that's good because this one is going to one of our dear family friends. Gotta share the love, like I always say.

In the same way I'm sharing the love with you. If you want top-notch cookies, chew on something fresh off the jar. Choose Choooeys Baked Goodies. Without a doubt, you'll fall for their Choco Chip and Choco Chip Nutella (YES! Ok, I'm done. Lol!), their Triple Chocolate, and their overwhelmingly huge variety of fantabulous Oatmeal cookies. *drools on keyboard just thinking about them; makes a mental note to order them next time

Remember, C is for Cookie. Chooodles!

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