Friday, October 25, 2013

Papier Macheniacs: Halloween Mask-Making Special

Sometimes our kids choose the most difficult Halloween costumes. Like, this year, my boy wanted to be Ed of Cartoon Network's Ed, Edd n Eddy. Now if you're into this kind of crazy animated humor, you'd know that the Ed, Edd n Eddy show has been cancelled way back. There's no way I'm going to find an Ed mask to go with the simple oversized duds the character wears.

Good thing we have ...Papier Macheniacs Power!!!

First, we bought a typical bare white mask to serve as the foundation for Ed's features. Aaaand... I'm a little too lazy to cut out eye holes and nostrils on my own, so there.

Second, we sculpted in newspaper.

Third, papier mache time! We made sure we didn't block the holes.

Fourth, we painted it! Ok, keep in mind that the eye holes and nostrils are there for your child's comfort. They're not there to dictate your design. You still have to follow the character's facial oddities and map it into the surface of the mask. Ed's nose is a button high up between his huge eyes. And so, there it stays.
After painting, we aerated. This is the most important step. You don't want your kid breathing in paint and glue residue. You have to make sure the whole mask is completely dry and completely odorless. Got that? Cool.

Bonus tip: Of course, you have to take photos. Shoot down so the holes on the mask are hidden. It would be great if you could get your kid to wear white hypoallergenic eyeshadow, too. :P

Now aren't you just thrilled to take on any character costume your kid dishes out this holiday?
Happy Halloween and Happy Papier Mask Macheing!

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