Friday, January 29, 2016

Noob-Style Shirt-Painting


Ok, ok… superpower is too much of an overpromise. Let's just go with new 'possibility'. There. Safer. :P

It all started with the boys whining about how not every T-shirt idea they have is available in our local department stores. They somehow have this notion that department stores should be able to read their minds. lol! But really -- something as basic as a Charlie Brown zig-zag shirt isn't available at our Snoopy Store. No gaming outfitter sells Half Life 2 shirts either.
So, Best Mom Ever to the rescue! :)

I've never tried hand-painting on fabric before so this was a huge challenge. The odds were against me, too. I had the right paint, but the wrong brush. I had 100% confidence, but zero patience. So you can imagine me throwing measurement duty out the window and jumping into the painting job without as much as a Plan B.

For the Charlie Brown shirt, I cut out a cardboard template which my hubby had to help with. Measurements. Pfft.

The Halflife 2 Combine logo though, I did freehand. My boy liked it a lot, but I know it could be better.

Bottomline: I may not have done the best kind of work for a first timer, but this opens up a new door for me. Shirt-painting is fun! And it's nice coming up with something when it's something money can't buy. My kids were thrilled their imagined shirts now exist.

Next step: Buy the right tools for serious shirt-painting! And --damn it, woman!-- learn to measure!

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