Sunday, January 10, 2016

Paper Macheniacs: Fallout 4 Pip Boy


If you're a certified gamer, you'd know that this fully-loaded little mechanism is awesome stuff for post-apocalyptic Boston. If you're a certified Papier Macheniac, you'd know that this little mechanism is a heck-load of hard work to make! The amount of details on this thing is insane!
But then… so are we.

I'd have to admit, our favourite part in the paper macheing process is hunting for the random parts that would make up the pieces of the prop. For Fallout 4's Pip boy, it was a mad hunt. We decided to use a T-shirt's plastic tube container, a photo frame box, and yep --my own mobile phone. The things I do for love.
Oh, a tip when hunting --make sure to choose items that are light and easy to get tissue paper and glue on. Everything has to be paper mache'd for consistency and a smoother finish.

YAY! PAPER MACHE'D! Sculpted details --not too shabby. If you're wondering about the bottle caps, they're there to keep my phone in place. Safety first. Teehee...

The attachments we had to sculpt and paper mache piece by piece. because we're OC like that.

Then came the assembly part which was loads of fun!

Now, like we always do, we went to town with the painting part. Our Pip boy came with the distress, the wear-and-tear, and just about everything you can throw at a nuclear war aftermath.

Glue stick bits for buttons and an old charger cable for the Pip boy's cable were pretty nifty touches, too.

And don't get me started on the Doop Doop Theme cassette tape!

So there you have it --us overdoing it with Fallout 4's Pip boy. And it fits like a glove!

Hey, why not make your own paper mache Pip boy and customise it to a fun prop like we did? Great weekend warrior project. Especially if you're into this futuristic wasteland scenario kind of thing.

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