Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yo Gabba Nu-uh!

Between you and me, I think Yo Gabba Gabba is the work of the devil.

No, really.  It wiggles its way into a children's channel in the guise of some educational TV show, but it is neither educational nor entertaining.  In fact, it's downright gruesome.  The mascots look like candy-colored hell spawns, hiding their true evil nature in popsicle flavored skins.  The brown thing that looks so much like a walking turd fails to hide the truth though.  But the most cruelty to the child's eyes is the offensive black guy in bright red leotards.  How nasty!  He gyrates like a zombie on speed to a droning beat that's neither singable nor danceable.  It's just a 'Day of the Living Dead' invasion droning.  Like a brainwashing droning.  And this DJ Lance red-suited guy dances to it like there's no tomorrow.  Creepy shit, if you ask me.
There are no discussions on lessons on this show.  Just weird music about weird topics that wouldn't help a child develop into a fully-functional, well-mannered member of the society. All it has is pointless singing, and ickified dancing.  No, not really dancing.  All the mascots do is mindless swaying.  Like rainbow pendulums.  Tick-tock...tick-tock...

My boys were hooked on this show for a bit until I realized that it could be eating into their brain cells via monotonous sound waves and the dazzling display of colorful hypnosis.  Thank the stars they cut themselves lose of it.

Now they're on How's It Made on Discovery Channel.  Now that's educational.  And with the narrator's spunky British accent and impeccable wit --downright entertaining.
A word to the paranoid mom, steer your kids from Yo Gabba Gabba.  It's the devil's handiwork, I tell ya!

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