Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Chef

Just to show what a good sport I am, I'm officially lauding Jing for being a better cook than I am. *clap-clap*

This is a recent development, of course. Many, many years before, I have been the reigning queen of the kitchen in this humble abode. And then a few months ago, when Jing decided to pursue this new cooking interest, he has quickly upstaged me.

But...I would like to think I had a hand in his newfound greatness. After all, he DID ask for MY secret recipes and he just sort of built/added on/took away from there. So the foundation still came from me (LMAO! Bitter bitch!).

Oh I say 'greatness', by the way, because our neighbors LOOOVE his home-cooked dishes. In fact, they've been telling me how lucky I am for having a husband who cooks so well. Excuse me! I cook, too --and I cooked first!!!! (grrr....)

Anyway, I just look at this situation as the student finally surpassing the sensei. It was bound to happen and I should be proud. And indeed, I am. Yes...I am.
Jing...you have done well, little grasshopper. But there is no way I am teaching you my Creamy Tuna Pasta recipe now.

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