Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday Bashed :D

It was my Dad's birthday last week.

So like I do every year, I took down his urn, set it up with some flowers, and surrounded it with 4 candles to symbolize me and my 3 brothers; and me and my boys (Jing, Miro and Kenji).
I called the family around. And as I started the solemn moment by lighting the candles...
Kenji, that cheeky dear monkey of mine, BURST INTO SONG!

At the top of his little lungs, HE SANG THE 20TH CENTURY FOX OPENING THEME!!!!

Obviously, that ruined the somberness of the occasion as we all broke into uncontrollable laughter. But now that I'm looking at the pictures, I can hardly blame the boy. Lol!

KENJI:  "Tan-ta-taaaan...bsssh!...ta-ta-ta-ta-tan-tararantantantan...tan-tan-tan...ta-ta-tan-tanaaaaan...bsssh!...ta-ta-ta-taaan..(tan-ta-tan)...ta-ta-ta-taaan...(tan-ta-tan)...ta-ta-ta-TAAAAAN...(tan-tan-tan-taaaannnn)....BSSSSH!!!!
Yeah, Dad, we haven't changed. We're still fabulous asses... and we still love you.

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