Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Love of Lego

Nothing beats the happiness that is LEGO.
Practically the best buy a parent can possibly make.  Possibly the best show of positive parenting a parent can display.  Ok, I overdid that.  But nothing pushes a child's imagination than the concept of building things from scrap --fueled by a parent's unconditional support, of course.  And since bottlecaps and empty tin cans aren't always sanitary, we have Lego and Lego Duplo blocks.  
They have been my children's best friends and creativity channels for many years now.  And I don't see these toys being forgotten any time soon.  Even with the Nintendo DS and the Gameboy comfortably available within reach, these boys will always go back to their Lego boxes to set their minds and hands to work.  It's the perfect exercise for any child's developing brain.  It helps their dexterity, too --but then, I'm overdoing it again.
Whoever invented Lego really has a smart, good, responsible head on his shoulders.  Not to mention a happy, fat ass sitting on tons of cash.  Lego is a gold mine.  Not just for him.  But for your kids.  And for parents.  Everybody wins!  Can I have a glorious angel choir at this point please?

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