Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tech Trauma

I vowed that the only piece of technology my boys will ever need is the mac.  Honestly.  It connects to the world wide web, for shit's sake.  So they would have automatic access to games, to music uploads, photo uploads, to school research, to social networking (for when they hit puberty!).  And the mac has loads of built-in programs like Powerpoint, Freehand, Photoshop, Garage Tunes, iMovie, iPhoto, everything that can spike their creativity and learning.  It's a powerhouse of excitement for a kid already.  So why the hell do I have to get them a PSP?!!
Aaand there's my dilemma.  Since Primary schooling happened and peer pressure set in, Miro has whined for a PSP.  I didn't budge.  But eventually succumbed to the whipped puppy look and got him a Nintendo DS Lite and a Gameboy Advance for Kenji.  After that momentary splurging, I vowed (for a goddamn second time!) that this is the only pieces of technology they will ever need on top of the mac.
Now, Jing (yes, the husband!) starts whining that the boys need the PSP or the PS3 in order to 'get with the program'.  He thinks I'm purposely pulling the kids back putting them way behind the trends --which would be detrimental to their socialization.  Well, duh!  You don't get tech for pennies, and I am not going to turn my kids into gamer zombie geeks!  It was a long, ensuing battle that followed.  With the boys pitting one parent against the other.  You cannot believe Miro's manipulation skills, and you cannot believe how easily Jing allows himself to get bullied (he actually wants to play with the PS3 himself --go figure.).
But I was an adamant wall.  And just like that, the argument ended.  I won the war.  And there was peace and quiet in the household once again.
And then the friggin wii gets invented.  Aww...crap...

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