Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lovin' the extras

You know what I really like about my sons' school --it's the extras. 

Take for example...for Valentine's Day, the school invited the parents to a little get-together.  Naturally, the parents thought this would be the usual preschool party with the singing and the dancing, games and what-not.
Well --surprise, surprise!-- when we got there, there was a restaurant set-up.  REALLY!
For dramatic effect, our kids were taken from us and hidden in a room that was covered with a thick curtain.  When they emerged, they were all wearing these cute little aprons and handcrafted chef toques!  THEY WERE ALL SO FRIKKIN ADORABLE!
They sang a couple of songs, welcomed us to OUR Valentine treat, and then...proceeded to serve us!  Not kidding.  These tiny preschooler hands started setting up the tables, scooping food, and going table-to-table to hand us delicious dishes that they pre-made themselves!  Jing and I just went nuts when Kenji came to us with salad and juice, and said, "Enjoy your date, mimi and dada!"
Mind you, this isn't just a gimmick to turn the parents into a collective pile of vulnerable mush.  The kids learned responsibility, balance, care, and uh-huh...cheeziness  In a fun, "I feel so mature today" way.
I've said it once and I'll say it again:  Moving my boys to this school is by far the best parenting decision I have ever, ever made.  Learning isn't just all about books.  It's about experiences.  It's about the extras. 

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