Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Claps for the boys and Clipper!

Well, this is a good quarter for the boys.  Miro, despite his hectic schedule of basketball and musicale practices, actually had a wonderful turn-out on his report card.  All his grades skyrocketed!  Kenji had a stellar behavioral and performance evaluation, too.  In fact, he's all geared up to move up to Primary School next school year!
So...this calls for a celebration.  Aka, time to buy toys.
But we all know that budgeting is my master nowadays so I really had to do a lot of research before we went out malling.  And after a lot of snooping, stalking, and interrogating...we found Clipper.  
It's a novelty shop that has all these hard-to-find knick-knacks.  Like authentic Nintendo-made Super Mario Brothers toys (or dolls, action figures, I dunno...).  When we got in the store, the boys' eyes just lit up like traffic signals --I'm not even exaggerating.  They're so into Super Mario video games these days.  And when you're on a budget, you go for the next best thing:  Super Mario Brothers toys/dolls/action figures/I dunnos.
But what really got me giddy were the super LOW prices!  It was a major steal, I almost died!  So we bought about 6 pieces of these, sturdy, original colorful toys/dolls/action figures/I dunnos for only P1,700!  Everyone's happy.  Whoopee! 

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