Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Never have I had such mixed emotions over a piece of garment.  Specially something as basic as a Barong Tagalog for Kenji's Graduation Day.  The barong is a national costume, for chrissakes, how difficult can it be?  You've seen one, you've seen them all.  But out of curiosity, I googled 'Barong Tagalog for Kids'.  Who knows?  There must be something new in the barong world I haven't heard about.
And true enough, there was.
At first glance, my patriotic alarm bells went ringing madly.  Damnit, you don't mess with the country's historic formal dress like that!  That's treason!  Isn't anything sacred anymore???!!!
And then after a beat --well after a few minutes of staring at it in full aghast, really-- the disgust wore off and the freaking design actually warmed up to me.  My creative bones suddenly tell me that "Hey, it is STILL the barong tagalog...but with a twist!  You're a creative director!  This is out of the box!  Your son will be the talk of the town!  Instant motherfucking fame on the catwalk to Primary School!"
And when you give me BS like that, I'm sold.  LOL!
Now this freak of nature barong tagalog sells at P2,500.00.  Hardly reasonable.  Thank God I have an art director for a husband.  So we're buying a plain, traditional barong and ...painting on it.  Jesus, we are so pumped to do this!  Inspired, the hunt for Kenji's barong tagalog has catapulted to the level of 'special project'.
From shock to anger to joy to dismay to excitement...damn, this Spongebob Barong really screwed up my hormones for the day. 

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