Monday, March 8, 2010


The Budget Bind Season is giving me tiny things to be thankful for.  One being the glorious Bente-Bente Kariton that plods its dust-covered wares up and down the streets.  Oh, did I just hear someone gasp a 'Que horror!' there?  
The wares here are usually toys and simple jewelry and kitchen trinkets --each scoring at only P20 (hence, Bente-Bente).  But our favorite Bente-Bente Kariton is the one that sells a huge mountain of assorted cheap, bad quality plastic toys.  Afternoons find us waiting (mother and children) outside the gate for this mobile merchant.  And you can just imagine the glee in my sons' eyes as they jump on the mound of dirty toys to choose among horrible knock-offs like a Spiderman Sword, Ben10 Mixer Truck, Thomas the Tank Engine with driver Tigger, and more.  
I guess for a child, a toy is a toy.  They don't really care if they get the originals from big-named stores like Toy Kingdom or Toys R Us.  What's important to them is that they get something new and interesting each time.  And at P20 a piece, that isn't half bad for say twice a week on the Bente-Bente Kariton.  Maybe even thrice.
BTW, these toys disintegrate fairly quickly (hence, P20 only) so it's best to not be too attached to one.  After all, the Bente-Bente Kariton will be back with new wares tomorrow.

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