Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Real Avatar is coming...

Remember the time I got so pissed when I found out that the movie Avatar had nothing to do with Nickelodeon's Legend of Aang?  Well now, vengeance is mine!  The Last Airbender is finally making it into theaters this year.  
The sad thing is that the movie didn't use 'Avatar' in its title anymore.  Guess the blue men beat them to the rights or something.  I can only imagine the frustration the producers must have gone through during titling stage.  After all, the word 'Avatar' is originally owned by Nickelodeon's The Last Airbender.
Anyway, I'm sure The Last Airbender will rake in more than enough dough to pay for their frustration.   I mean, I will definitely watch this to pay for my Avatar disappointment.  In fact, my socks are pathetically more rocked off about this than my kids'.  I'm just so pumped to prove what a better movie the original Avatar will be than a movie about oversized Smurf wannabes.

*my apologies to the Avatar fanatics.  I purposely didn't watch your beloved movie.  I just don't go for title knock-offs.  Peace?

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