Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How To Train Your 3D

This is pretty embarrassing to admit...but yesterday was the family's first time to watch a movie in 3D. *cringes from the social bashing*  
Ok, it's not as embarrassing for my 6 and 8-year old boys.  But for me and my husband, that's pretty telling of how backwards our lifestyles can be.  We're just stubborn old wet blankets who believe 3D movies are nothing more than a waste of good-earned cash.  I mean, you still get the story on a 2D, right?
Well...last night's movie proved us sooo wrong!
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON MUST BE WATCHED IN 3D!  There's just no other way!  The flight sequences are just so much better when you feel like the dragons are actually lunging at you, teeth-bared and fire-a-kindled.  It's such a fulfilling feeling to see my boys screaming and jumping out of their seats.  Kenji literally ran to the back of the theater at one point, screaming, "Aaah!  The dragon's gonna eat me!".  Now that's a golden 3D experience if I ever see one.
Jing and I promised that this will be our first and last 3D movie.  Simply because we came home poorer than we already are.  You do what you must for your kids, I always say.  But one sacrifice is good enough.  At least, in the future,  we can all live to say, "Oh yeah, we've seen a freakin awesome 3D movie." --and feel a little less left behind.

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