Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Too Much Tech

So near and yet so far. That's how I feel about this program called Tech4Kids. It's the ideal program for Miro --robotics to the hilt. Kids don't just design and assemble their robots. They program their robots to follow orders ...and MOVE! Now THAT is ROBOTICS in its MOST righteous form! How can it not be? Tech4Kids is the sole distributor of Lego Mindstorm --the toys that Dexter and Jimmy Neutron might actually play with!
The program comes at a reasonable price, too.
Just one setback though. Kids MUST bring their own laptops to the sessions, for individual robot programming. WTH! I only have one macbook and it stores all my work files, my children's photo albums from since they were babies. I can't just let my son take a valuable box of memories to class! Guess Tech4Kids assumed that all 8-year old kids have their own laptops nowadays. Geez. Am I just so friggin out of it?!!
The bright side: the program runs year-long. So when...IF!...Miro gets his own laptop in the not so near future, yeah, we'll make him a Tech4Kids kid.

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