Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mother Nature Is Pissed

And I'm not talking about garden-variety PMS here. The woman definitely has an ax to grind.  

No, I'm not poking fun at the recent earthquake disasters. Nor am I trying to belittle the earlier catastrophic snow storms. I'm merely focusing on the unforgiving heat this summer has to offer, particularly on this little part of the world.  
Sure, we're a tropical country and us island people should be used to hot, dry weather. But this is just wicked, creepy heat!!!  
From the washer, the laundry can simply hang and dry fast without the benefit of a spin-dry.  

You sweat while sitting in front of the mac in an airconditioned room.  

Kids have been reported collapsing during outdoor gym time.  

Migraine has become the in thing.  

Plants are shriveling after you've attested to watering them daily with your expert green thumbs.  

And yes --much closer to home-- Miro came home yesterday with a nosebleed. And not because he got into another fight, Mr.Assuming. LOL! But because of the heat!  

This is definitely Mother Nature wielding her "I am so darn upset!" card. It kinda makes me think of that famous line 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. This is genuine anger I'm feeling from her.  

Or maybe...just maybe... earth has finally gone old.  
With age and abuse, earth is just about near certain breakdown. With this, Mother Nature is entering the horrid stages of menopause. She's experiencing aches and pains everywhere --from tree to sky to body of water.  
And as expected, just like an old geezer who's left to chew on prunes with the 2 teeth she's got left, she's grumpy and vengeful.  

Oh and this heat... yeeeah, they're hot flashes.  

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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