Friday, March 12, 2010

Alpha's Accident

There is absolutely no words to describe the family's woe.

It was expected that an accident would eventually come out of Kenji and Alpha's usual roughhousing kind of play time.  But we didn't think it would be nearly this serious.  By some miscalculation, Alpha broke her leg.  Purely Kenji's fault and Kenji couldn't forgive himself.  :(
The poor dog was rushed to the vet while the poor boy cried for hours on end.

After almost endless attempts at calming Kenji down, Jing and Alpha finally came home.  It was clear things wouldn't be the same.  Alpha's leg was in a bright popsicle-colored cast.  She was still groggy from the drugs pumped into her and she had the most uncomfortable time walking.

Kenji, for the most part, was relieved to see his dog and best pal back home.  Though it was obvious Alpha's state threw him off.

It was heartbreaking to watch him try and coax Alpha to play with him again.  Sadly, that wasn't about to happen for the next 2 months.

So Kenji simply slept beside Alpha --just as Alpha used to always crawl into bed beside him-- until that time when everything would be back to normal again.

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