Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes, it IS rocket science!

Miro, my young mad scientist, has challenged me to the hilt with his summer science program needs. It's not easy.  But there are actually tiny nuggets of good summer programs with a scientific/technological theme to them.  Not much.  Maybe a pocketful.  But they're there if you look hard enough.  And that I did!

I found the 5-day Mad Science Red Hot Robotics program, right?  I would've gone with it, but practicality nudged me on the noggin.  Really, P4500 for 5 days?  Hardly worth it.  10 hours is hardly even a camp!
So I went with art, since Miro said he liked art anyway.  I planned to close the deal with Powerbooks AIR (Artists in Residence) for giving me 8 sessions for P3500.  

But this was half-hearted.  Miro already did an art program last summer.  I just didn't think this would be anything special for him.  Plus, it runs for only a month.  So that would mean I'll have to look for another program to fill his May.  Ugh.
So I decided to look again and found the Nido Science Discovery Center Summer Program teaser.  I say teaser because they don't have a clear schedule yet.  But they already flagged their itinerary and it's mighty impressive:  Robotics, Planets, Vortex, simple experiments and more!

They didn't have the price list either --which sort of just gave me false hope.
A little down now, I simply went about surfing aimlessly.
Then...voila!  I chanced upon Gakken Science Experiment Classroom!  10 sessions of a plethora of hands-on experiments, children-initiated experiments, discussions and debates (and you know Miro loves debates!), take-home science kits, and a mothafuckin' Science Fair cum Recognition Day on the 11th day! --all for a handsome P4500 price tag.  So it doesn't have robotics.  But with 25 experiments, I bet Miro will be happily busy enough.

Can you tell I'm reeling from the buzz of inane excitement again?  I've already registered Kenji to the Alaska Football Power Camp.  Next step:  Miro's Gakken Science Camp.  

Whew!  Summer is rocket science to me!

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