Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Alphabet Band Bargain

I absolutely love educational, fashionable, affordable gifts!  Even better if we're talking about all those in one single item.

And here it is --the Alphabet Band!

Available in almost all bookstores and toy shops,  it's a simple package of three rubber wristbands and a bunch of plastic letters with skinny slots on each side.

There are also some random slotted blocks thrown in with engravings of hearts, flowers, lightning, spiders, etc.

Why is something as 'lame' as this exciting me so?  It teaches little kids to spell.  It hones their fine motor skills as they carefully push each letter through the band.  It plays long as long as words never run out.  It's a fine and funky accessory for either boy or girl when the work is done.  And it's so easy on the pocket, you can buy in bulk and spread Christmas gifts to children like wildfire.

Sure, it's not Nerf.  But if you're a smart bargain hunter, the Alphabet Band works on so many levels.

Ah, I see the learning has already begun.

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