Friday, December 17, 2010

On Top With Origami

Oh joy, oh joy!  Time to wrap those Christmas presents in those garish Christmas wrappers and top them off with those hideous, sparkly ribbons!

Aww, maaaan... do I have to?
Not really.  I just found a fun and totally unique way to spruce up those boxes of delight.  Are your fingers ready?

This is what we're gunning for:  Origami Gift Toppers!

I spent the whole night basking in the tutelage of YouTube's How-To videos hellbent on learning the ancient art of paper-folding.  There were quite a lot.  But I went for the simpler ones.  I practiced with the Blossom Brooch, the Tulip Topper, and the Rose-in-Bloom Gift Bow.

Of the three, I chose the study that won my lack of patience and lack of mad folding skills --the Rose-in-Bloom Gift Bow.

Being a non-purist (and a certified cheapskate), I used colored paper cut into squares instead of authentic origami paper. 

It was all easy construction from there.  Just like folding an envelope.

And then like folding a paper napkin.

And then like folding a paper napkin with... uh... ears.

When I got the hang of it, I didn't even realize I've created an entire over-the-top puh-reeeeety flower farm!

For this kind of topper, I went for pristine white boxes to house my gifts.  Just to push the zen feel a little more.  This minimalistic look will definitely stand out in the mound of busy, insanely colorful Christmas gift boxes from here to Timbuktu.  I think the adage 'Less is More' comes to mind.

Another thing I like about the Origami Rose-In-Bloom Gift Bow is that a 'gift tag' is readily revealed underneath its folds when unraveled to create the bloom.  So there's absolutely no need for those gift tags that have the usual snowman and Santa ensemble.  Well, whaddaya know ...beautiful and practical! 

It may not be your usual Christmas gift-wrapping routine.  But what's life without risks, eh? 
This Christmas and beyond, dip your fingers into Origami Gift Toppers.  Live on the papercut-ing edge.  Hah!

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