Wednesday, December 8, 2010


There are some things you can never put a price tag on.

It's our 10th anniversary --the first ever milestone of a married couple's life.  Some people would go to Paris to celebrate, or maybe check in at some ridiculously swanky hotel, or at least dine out in a restaurant that you wouldn't be able to afford on a regular day.

But Jing isn't a cliche kind of guy.  He went for below-the-line advertising.  And, for our kids' box of art supplies.

How else can you tell your wife that this is the day that continues your many years of love and commitment but by telling her so --the very second she wakes up.
Better yet, tell her during her every waking hour.

Early in the morning, it made me smile when I found this on our bedroom door.

But that was, apparently, just the beginning.  This was not too far behind.

On the way to preparing breakfast, this melted my heart in the kitchen.

Oh but he's not done.  Later on, this gripped me at the pantry.

As i was about to ready the kids' clothes for school, I've never felt so emotional at the laundry area.

This almost made me weep me when I opened my macbook to check for mail.

He knew I was going to a meeting today so this was promptly placed with utmost care in our closet.

And after around 50 of these, on the way out the front door, he had to say everything that has so far insanely touched even my tiniest nerve endings all over again.

They're not flowers.  They're not jewels.  They're words.  And when it comes to saying exactly how you feel, words are all you need.  Simple, meaningful, powerful.

I guess it isn't a surprise that I told him I love him more.  Every waking hour.