Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vroom Vroom Balloon!

This toy was made for Miro!
But since he's been out of creative commission due to a temporary setback in health, Kenji and Jing took over.  Okay, mostly Jing took over.

Up on the toy review log, it's the Balloon Powered Cosmic Jet Robot!
Another stroke of genius from Kidz Labs --our favorite fun science experiments provider for many years now.

Like all Kidz Labs science kits, this bad boy came with the oddest ingredients for mass destruction:  plastic gears, cardboard cut-outs, party balloons, and --uh-huh-- bendy straws!

The construction is the funnest part of the activity.  Jing took it seriously though. :P  Kenji was there to 'correct' Jing every step of the way.

Folded, taped, and ballooned, we were ready to see some action.

Here's the test run (which Jing enjoyed but wouldn't admit at gunpoint, lol!).  The balloon propulsion worked fine! 

A little more adjustment here and there, and... PRESTO! ... We got robot!

Designed for 2, the kit comes with 2 robot construction pieces and a race track obstacle course.

To get the race started, my boys will have to blow through their respective robots' butts to get their balloons powered for death-defying speed.  (What!  I did tell you it was odd, right?)

Or... in Kenji's case, it's playing solo with a robot duel to the death until his big brother can play with him again. :(

If you've got a pair of kids who loves races, balloons, and bendy straws in the name of science, then the Balloon-powered Cosmic Jet Robot is just what the doctor ordered.

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