Tuesday, December 28, 2010


STOP!  Think twice before you throw away that gift box styrofoam!  To your child's vast imagination, it's essentially ...another toy!!!

In fact, in my house, styrofoam, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and cardboard casings are considered goldmines.  More often than not, my boys focus on these protective shells more than the actual toy they came with.

Just look at how Kenji made three awesome new toys out of these simple, almost discardable styro sleeves.

With a little paint and inspiration, the styros have become the secret headquarters for his Lego guys.

One easy flip of the two pieces exposes the hub's swanky interiors.

Another flip (and more paint and inventiveness) gives Teddy and Rodney a ride on the Styro Express.

More flipping (and more paint-and-brain-squeezeing) takes Super Mario and the gang to the Foam Theater for a blockbuster movie night.

All that, and all Kenji needed were these 2 styrofoam casings that almost met the trashcan.
*Mother's face, meet mother's palm

Kids are born resourceful recyclers --and us parents have absolutely no right to curb their bold display of creativity.  Do as I do --hoard, amass, stockpile.  Then, wait and watch.  You'd be surprised.

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