Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas Wish This Year: A Nokia C7!!!

When you're a stay-at-home mom who's also a soccer mom, an ultra-faithful school volunteer, a DIY warrior, a party planning fanatic, a research geek, a trigger-happy photographer, a rabid blogger, a freelance workaholic writer, a part time creative consultant, a Facebook addict, a Twitter twit, an oversharer, and a 'Cellphone!  Where's my cellphone??!!' dependent ... you'd want gadgets that are just as good at multitasking as you.

This is how my heart instantly fell for the new Nokia C7.

Sweet mother, it's a match made in heaven!  With its Social Networking Integrated feature, I can easily get and give live updates on Facebook and Twitter, post pics, and calendar events all at the same time.  I can go around scoping for places I can write about and take high-quality pictures while I'm at it.  I can simultaneously do research for my clients while my kids and I listen to their favorite tunes (which they would most likely upload on the phone).

Can you believe all this multitasking mastery!  It's EXACTLY like me --albeit in a slimmer and sleeker package.  Uh...eherm.

Seriously, it would be an un-Santa thing to keep us apart.  This Christmas, I'm keeping my fingers and all appendages crossed that the Nokia C7 would knock on my door come Christmas morning.  We're peas in a pod, lovers on the moon, we're meant to be.

Santa won't let such perfect compatibility crumble...would he?

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