Sunday, December 5, 2010

CCP's Belenamorata

CCP really has nothing to offer me.  Ashamed as I am to admit, I'm not sophisticated enough to watch theater plays unless my kids are in it.  But since my kids do have their annual school Christmas musicale rehearsals running, CCP has become my home for the past 2 days.  Usually, my stay there is spent waiting in the gift shop, waiting in the coffee shop, or waiting in the lobby.

And that was when CCP abruptly caught my fancy.  Right in the lobby stood an awesome nativity scene exhibit!  Oh, don't expect a huge thing.  This is but a long row of shelves housing little 'belen' after 'belen' of nothing BUT... great craftsmanship and culture from all over the world! 

From classic resin figurines...

To flippantly constructed yarn.

From standard wood...

To unorthodox corn husks.

From rustic serenity...

To edgy abstraction.

From colorful mural executions...

To golden, rounded notions.

From carefully split-open bamboo...

To carefully contained in fruit shells.

From cute and clay...

To 'I don't even know how the dickens this qualifies as a nativity scene!'.

It's quite a collection.  Interesting.  Educational.  Unifying.  It takes you around the world in the name of that one and only Christmas family.  It's something I don't think I'll tire ogling at for a while.

So tomorrow, CCP, we will meet again.

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